A Personal Re-Organization

I am blessed to work for an association committed to maximizing human potential. And today we talked about re-organizing the company to maximize our potential by changing our focus.

Which got me to thinking about how appropriate that very idea is for personal lives.

A personal re-org.

Think about it. Usually when people get to the place where they consider hiring a coach or a therapist/counselor, they have come to a place where they feel like something isn’t working.

A relationship. Life choices. Career. The feeling that something is amiss – or what I call “divine discontent”- is a powerful force in our lives and an important feeling to heed. It can take a person a long time to listen to that inner voice or come to a place where they have the courage to want to listen.

But there is real power in listening to that feeling — that divine discontent. The truth is most of us KNOW when “things” aren’t working right in our lives.

And many times the powerful shift comes from taking the focus off of ourselves and shifting our view outward to others. In fact that shift from the internal to the external is the very type of re-org we were talking about at work today. Moving from the functional – the way we do things –  to a focus more driven by the people with whom we do business, or those with whom we are in relationship.


The heart of the matter.

What kind of personal re-org are you thinking about? Is a radical shift in your focus – a radical shift in the way you do things – at the heart of your personal re-org?