When God Gives You a Hard Word


My students, mentees, clients, and family know this about me: I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe in God-incidents. Scripture tells us that God cares so much about each of us that He counts the hairs on our head. It is my belief that God is moving in and ordaining every second of every day.

And it’s our choice as believers to listen and see and recognize His presence and His voice in our lives.

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Be the change you want to see in the world

You know, sometimes I wonder if we all just focused on “loving one another as we love ourselves” — that second Great Commandment — if we just did THAT – all of us, regardless of political persuasion, religious affiliation, personal agenda – if we ALL just did THAT — I wonder if we might actually see the change we want to see in the world.

If we ALL committed to THAT couldn’t we create a world where fear and terror and murder and rape and hate and discontent and anxiety and doubt and judgment and loathing and persecution vanishes?

Couldn’t we do that?

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Life is Not a Gerbil Wheel


“This isn’t the life I thought I’d lead.”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard some variation on that theme, I’d be a rich woman. And, being completely transparent, I’ve heard it many times from my own mouth.

I am in awe of people who know from an early age what they were put on this earth to do. Doctors. Actors. Teachers. Mechanics. Artists. Writers…..

And then there’s the rest of us. We know we’re good at certain things. We have gifts and talents. But the problem is that those gifts and talents could be applied in myriad ways. Many of us go to college, select a major, graduate and if we’re lucky we find a job that has a slight resemblance to our major and maybe even our passion. We work at it. We make a living. Many settle down and start families and it’s all ok.

But it’s not great.

And at some point it begins to feel like a gerbil wheel. Round and round and round we go.

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Waterfalls of Grace

I love waterfalls.

Whether they are just a few feet high, or towering rushes of water dropping hundreds of feet, their beauty and power have always caught my eye and captivated my imagination.

I’ve only stood under a waterfall once and it was exhilarating – and a painful. Exhilarating because, you know, I was standing under a waterfall! And painful because the water was falling from several feet above my head and the force of it hurt as it hit my skin.

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One Step Back into the River

It’s been a long time off from this site — and from this work.

And in that time off God has done a great work and recommitted purpose and most importantly SHOWN UP.

More to come — I promise.

More to share — I promise.

And YOU… you precious child of God… MORE for you, too.


Love Your Judases

Have you noticed that sometimes a teaching or passage of scripture you know well takes on a completely new meaning one day.  That happened to me this morning. I will just share with you what I read in my devotional One Bread, One Body today. I trust the Holy Spirit will move in you if He needs you to hear this in a particular way.

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Laundry Lessons

Some people LOVE doing laundry. I’m not one of them. It’s a task that must be done, but I find little joy in it.

Just this week though, my laundry taught me a lesson.

Most of the time doing laundry is pretty routine. Separate the lights from the darks. Separate the delicates from the not-delicates. Wash, dry, fold, put away.

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