General Services

Personal Coaching

Coaching for individuals – dive deep into your potential, unblock obstacles, move into your potential through a designed alliance with a professional coach who can help you step into all you can be.

Team Coaching

Coaching for teams – every team can operate more effectively. A coach can help empower teams to be more effective. in their communications, their efforts, and their effectiveness.


Personal Retreats – Focused weekends that are designed specifically to target breakthrough areas.

Group Retreats – Are you a member of a group in your church, your volunteer group, your caregiver group? – Retreats provide a wonderful way to turn off the world, tune into to truth, and connect with others who share your journey.

Team Retreats – Corporate teams and ministry teams should get away to connect with each other away from work. Discover you fullest potential. Custom retreats are designed to reveal and accomplish your team’s highest purposes.

Workshops – One day focused learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of teams and groups.

Retreats and Workshops are custom designed. Contact the Pastoral Coach to design your program.